61 dogs rescued from 'unsanitary and inhumane living conditions' in kennel

61 dogs rescued from ‘unsanitary and inhumane living conditions’ in kennel

It’s terrible to think of how many poor dogs spend their lives living in inhumane conditions at the hands of cruel breeders.

Thankfully, one rescue operation recently saved 60 dogs from “unsanitary and inhumane living conditions” at a breeding operation.

According to the Currituck County Government, in North Carolina, the dogs — 47 adults and 14 puppies — were found at Bentwood Labradors in Moyock.

The dogs were taken to an animal shelter for care. Many of them were in terrible condition and had to undergo emergency treatment.

“They were dehydrated, lethargic, emaciated, and overall in poor health,” the Currituck Animal Shelter wrote on Facebook.

And sadly, one dog was found passed away.

“One of our animal care techs looked and saw her in the doghouse and he checked her, and she was deceased,” said Geena Maurer, Currituck Animal Services and Control Department Head, according to WAVY.

While it was too late for the dog, the dozens of other animals have been given a second chance and are now recovering.

“Everybody is inside eating a lot, drinking a lot,” said shelter manager Rachael Stone. “This is a new life for them.”

“We’ve got some old ones who are sleeping like they’ve never had good rest before. You can definitely see it, there’s some relief and peace for them.”

These are the labs that went for immediate vet care, as they were dehydrated, lethargic, emaciated, and overall in poor…

Posted by Currituck Animal Shelter on Monday, January 31, 2022

According to WAVY, the owner of Bentwood Labradors, Tim Warren, has now been charged with 78 animal welfare violations, including failure to provide animals with proper care, violating a county restraint ordinance, and failing to provide veterinary care for the now-deceased dog.

Maurer told WAVY that the business was once operated by a “very reputable, honorable breeder” but “started going downhill” under Tim Warren’s control.

Now, the 60 rescued dogs are moving forward and getting a new chance at life, thanks to their friends at the Currituck Animal Shelter.

While it was an “unusually large intake” for the shelter, they reportedly received an overwhelming response from animal lovers, who provided a ton of food and supplies to help the rescued dogs.

The dogs are still being examined, and their adoption status has not been determined, but more information may be announced in the future.

For now, the dogs are just getting the much-needed, overdue help they need.

“They are receiving around the clock care, being fed 5 times a day, and being monitored closely by the staff at Roanoke Island Animal Clinic,” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

We’re so glad these dogs were rescued and are getting the love and care they need. We hope all inhumane breeder operations like this are shut down for good.

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