Four grown men wrote a letter to their neighbor asking to walk their dog, now they’re best friends

Anyone who has grown up with a pet would rather not live without a furry companion as an adult. But unless you own a house, you’re bound to encounter a home where pets are not allowed.

Jack McCrossan and his three friends in England really wanted a dog, but their landlord didn’t allow four-legged friends.

So when “the boys,” as they have become known, spotted a friendly face next door they decided to write their neighbor a letter asking if they could occasionally walk their dog.

Twitter / Jack McCrossan

They were honest in their note, “The adult life is a struggle without one [a dog].” It was a long shot, but they delivered the letter to the neighbor and waited.

And not long after they sent off the letter they received one back….

Twitter (Jack McCrossan)

…from the dog herself!

Of course it was Sarah Tolman, the neighbor, who wrote the letter on behalf of her dog, Stevie Ticks.

“We here understand how hard it is to find pet friendly rentals – and life just isn’t full without a dog is it – right?!” the letter said. “I’d love to hangout whenever you fancy.”

McCrossan tweeted the sweet exchange and it went viral, though with many viral stories it was questionable whether the boys from number 23 would actually get to meet Stevie.

On Sunday, they did!

“Meeting Stevie was great!” McCrossan told BuzzFeed News. “She was definitely as energetic as described. We got to take her for a walk and she wouldn’t stop running!”

Stevie enjoyed her time so much that Tolman said when the boys from 23 left, the two-year-old pooch sat at the door and whined for hours.

When asked why Tolman responded to the boys’ letter, she said it was ” really nice for them to break down that barrier,” especially because nowadays neighbors don’t typically talk to each other.

 Instagram (Stevie Ticks)

Tolman has already invited the boys for dinner and beer and of course to play with Stevie.

They’ve also set up a group chat so the boys can walk Stevie whenever Tolman needs help.

“Stevie is a very inquisitive pooch. She loves hanging her head out the window and checking out all the people walking past: that’s how she drew attention to the boys! She’s pretty uncoordinated and is likely to never grow into her paws so there are generally thwaps galore when playing, and she can’t catch anything at all (a ball or a treat!),” Sarah told Bored Panda.

Instagram (Stevie Ticks)

Too sweet – what a beautiful story! That was so awesome and lovingly handled. I’m glad they met and got along! A win win for all as I see it!

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