13-year-old is surprised with the puppy he’s always wanted — and finds out it’s a gift from his late father

One of the great things about having a dog is they’re so comforting—they’re always loyally by your side no matter what, helping you to get through some tough times.

That was the case for one boy, who got a precious new puppy during his darkest hour—and then discovered a secret that made it all the sweeter.

Logan Kavaluskis, a 13-year-old from Hudsonville, Michigan, has wanted a puppy his whole life: As a child he would carry around a doll of a Boston terrier. But he couldn’t have one because his father, Joe, was allergic.


Joe battled multiple myeloma cancer cancer for 9 years, and sadly the 47-year-old father passed away on January 8, just five days before his son’s birthday.

The family was devastated. But days later, Logan got an unexpected ray of sunshine.

He took a trip with his family to help his cousin pick up his new puppy. After picking up the Boston Terrier, they pulled over and let Logan hold the dog in his lap.


Then as Logan held the puppy, he got some stunning news: “That’s from your dad. That’s your dog… dad wanted you to have a puppy.”

Logan was overwhelmed with emotion… not only did he finally have his lifelong dream of having his own puppy, but it was a final gift from his late father.

The beautiful surprise was caught on video:

It turned Joe had planned the surprise before his death. One of his last requests was that Logan finally get the puppy he always wanted.

“He said, ‘Just promise me that when I do pass, you will get Logan a puppy as soon as you can, because I know that it will bring him a lot of comfort,'” Melanie Kavaluskis, Logan’s mom, told Inside Edition.


It wasn’t unlike Joe to plan heartwarming surprises like this.

“He always had these cool things planned out and he would try to keep them secrets until we were there,” Logan said. “He turned everything into a good, happy thing.” 

That was definitely the case for his final surprise, providing a beautiful moment of happiness during a very dark time.

What an incredible gift. Now Logan has a friend to comfort him—and a reminder of how much his dad loved him. Share this beautiful story!