13 starving Great Danes rescued after owner ‘abandons’ breeding farm

The reason why animals are neglected and left to starve is complex but we can all agree that it should never happen.

Animal shelters and rescue centers are crowded and staff are often faced with the heartbreaking dilemma of having to put down those dogs that nobody wants to adopt to make room for more unwanted dogs.

Often people have animals with all good intentions but their life changes and they find they can no longer look after them properly.


The relative of a woman who kept Great Danes for breeding had to alert authorities when she saw the state they were in. The 13 dogs were kept in cages, so skinny their ribs were poking out and one of the dogs and her pups were already dead.

A group of rescuers from Watchdog Thailand and the Pathum Thani Livestock Development Office’s Animal Welfare division were met with the shocking site after carrying out a raid on the property in Thailand.

The dogs’ owner was traced and local veterinarian Kangwan Thirathamrong spoke to her.

”The owner claimed that she didn’t hurt the dogs and still fed them but because she is unemployed and having financial problems they suffered,” the veterinarian said, according to The Mirror newspaper.

The vet said all the dogs were given food before being taken to the local animal center. Many struggled to stand and eat they were so weak.

”All of the rescued dogs required further care for recovery in the animal center,” Veterinarian Kangwan said, according to The Mirror.

The King’s household to ‘adopt them’

“Then, we’ll see if the owner is financially ready to take them back but if not, we’ll look for any dog lovers who are willing to look after them.”

The 13 surviving dogs, five of which were male, were taken to Kasetsart University’s animal hospital, in Bangkok, and according to The Mirror article His Majesty the King of Thailand has ordered his household to adopt all of the Great Danes.

The pooches were rescued and treated by vets. Credit: Viral Press
Viral Press

The dogs are relatively young, and their ages range from five months to two years. Five of them were males, and the rest of the thirteen dogs were females.

The former owner faces punishment under the Cruelty Prevention and Welfare of Animal Act.

I’m so glad most of these dogs were found in time. This story highlights how important it is to report any animal suffering so they can be rescued.

I hope these dogs now have the happiest of lives as they deserve. Please share.