11-year-old boy spends every Saturday giving baths to stray dogs to help them find homes

It’s always heartwarming to see kids helping animals β€” such a strong compassion for helping pets in need at such a young age is inspiring.

It’s especially nice to see kids helping out homeless animals, who are always in need of a little extra human love and kindness. Kids have found special ways of helping these animals find their forever homes.

Like one boy, who dedicates every Saturday to giving baths to stray dogs to help make them more adoptable.

Thiago, an 11-year-old boy from Brazil, might be young, but he’s the mastermind behind an inspiring project to help local shelter dogs get adopted.

The project is called “Sou de rua mas to limpinho,” which translates to “I’m homeless but I’m clean.” Every Saturday, the boy dedicates his time to visiting stray dogs, giving them a nice bath, and sharing a photo of the newly-cleaned dog on social media to help them get adopted.

β€œAt the end of last year, I decided that I needed to somehow do something for the animals,” Thiago told The Dodo.

β€œWhile talking to my father, I told him about my idea of ​​bathing street dogs so they stay clean and fragrant and people look at them differently on the street.”

Thiago’s dad, Eduardo, is also a big part of the project, as the stray dog’s official photographer.

“He dedicates Saturdays to bathing the dogs that were rescued and are available for adoption, I take the photos because a photo of quality increases the chances of adoption of dogs,” Eduardo told Bored Panda.

He says they have given baths to 47 stray animals so far.

The project initially involved catching stray dogs on the street and giving them a bath, but Thiago told The Dodo that this was too much of a challenge: the dogs were often victims of abuse, and were usually too scared.

But instead of giving up, the boy and his father adjusted their plan, and instead started giving baths to new shelter dogs through volunteer animal shelter NGO Noah’s Ark.

He says that many of his new friends got adopted after he gave them their baths.

In addition to getting these dogs cleaned up and adopted, Thiago also hopes that his project will inspire others to consider adopting rescue dogs β€” and give them a lifetime of love and care.

β€œ[I want] people to be not afraid to adopt,” Thiago told The Dodo. β€œIt’s the best thing in the world. But let them adopt the dog knowing it’s not a thing or a toy. He is a being who will live a long time and who just wants to give us love.”

It’s so inspiring that an 11-year-old boy would dedicate his weekends to helping stray dogs like this. Keep up the great work, Thiago!

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