108-year-old woman reveals simple secret to living a long life: have dogs, not children

If a centenarian offers you advice, it’s best to pay attention. Chances are they’ve done something right in their life to get past 100 years old.

Ada Daniel of Derbyshire, England turned 108 years old in June, and in celebration of her birthday not only did she receive more than 300 cards from well-wishers, but she gladly shared some sage advice for those looking to live a long life.

Daniel, a widow, never had any children or grandchildren, but that never bothered her because she always had her fur babies by her side.

I did ask her what her secret was once and she said it was to have dogs, not kids,” Kelly Goucher, of Codnor Park Care Home where Daniel resides, told the BBC.

According to the outlet, the 108-year-old “had a lot of greyhounds.”

“She lived on Street Lane in Ripley and all of her greyhounds were also called Street Lane.”

“She used to have six greyhounds and she preferred dogs to people which is why she didn’t have any children – I think that’s the same for a lot of people,” Goucher told the Derbyshire Times.

Born June 1, 1915, Daniel experienced 23 prime ministers, five monarchs and survived two world wars and two global pandemics, on top of her every day life.

When she was 27 years old she married her late husband Percy after he returned home from the war in 1944.

After Percy died at 73, Daniel continued living alone in the couple’s cottage until she was 103. It was only then that she moved into the senior living facility.

Ada has the right attitude! I do think a lot of people prefer dogs over children, but maybe many are afraid to admit it.

Happy birthday, Ada.