Woman filmed throwing cat in the air towards dog – now under investigation

There is simply no excuse when it comes to doing bad things to animals.

Seriously. As a species we should have moved past the need to do harm to the creatures we shared the planet with centuries ago, if it was ever necessary at all.

And yet, as we’re sadly reminded every day, there remain those who are willing to torment and abuse animals, sometimes for nothing more than their own sick enjoyment.

A New South Wales woman is reportedly under investigation after shocking footage showed her throwing a cat high into the air.

In the video, the woman can be seen picking up the cat by its hair and throwing into a nearby field where a dog is barking. The friend who uploaded the film did so with the accompanying text “caption this”.

The incident, which took place in Wagga Wagga, has drawn plenty of criticism online. Though it’s said the woman threw the cat after it attacked a dog on her property, many feel the use of force was excessive.

A police officer told Prime7: “I have seen the video and it’s absolutely disgraceful. We have zero tolerance for animal cruelty in this community.

“Apart from it being really distasteful and disgusting, I don’t see why anyone would see a video like that being funny.”

Investigation underway

As per 7News.com.au, the RSPCA are always investigating the incident to see whether or not the woman could face animal cruelty charges, the maximum penalty of which in New South Wales in five years in prison and a hefty fine.

The Daily Mail cite the woman responsible as having said she regrets her actions, and that they were “inexcusable”. She also said the cat didn’t die in the attack, despite other contradicting reports.

When will it ever stop? How is it so hard to live your live without hurting creatures more vulnerable than yourself?

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