Litter of cute kittens all have eerily human faces

Animals: they’re just like us. Our pets can be so intelligent that they often seem recognizably human.

But some animals don’t just act like people… they look a little like them, too. Some animals have strangely human-like faces, a phenomenon that’s both beautiful and slightly unsettling.

Last year, a Russian animal rescue Catsvill County was in the news thanks to a Maine Coon named Valkyrie, who went viral after the internet became fascinated with his surprisingly human face:

Now that same shelter is going viral again thanks to a litter of kittens who have the same distinct features.

The grey Maine Coons have human-like faces, expressive eyes and sort of grumpy expressions, but they’re still adorable:

And they’re smart like people, too: the Maine Coon breed is known for their high intelligence.

These cats are bred by Tatiana Rastorgueva, who knows that her cats have a very distinctive look:

“I am fairly used to seeing the stunned reactions of the people when they see my kittens,” she told the Daily Mail last year.

“Sometimes they say they look human and sometimes they say they look like werewolves.”

They do look a bit like people in elaborate cat costumes—perhaps the cast of that new Cats movie

The kittens got their distinct look from generations of breeding design: “I would say they took their best parts from their parents,” Tatiana said.

If she’s selective about their look, she’s just as selective about who gets to take them home:

“I am very choosy and fussy when I am looking for the new owners for all my kittens,” she said. “I am waiting for the best owners – loving and caring.”

Some might find their appearance a little unsettling, but we still think these kittens are adorable.

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