Vanna White gets emotional as ‘Wheel of Fortune’ pays tribute to her late cat Stella

Millions of people tune into Wheel of Fortune every day to play along with some fun word puzzles — few people would expect an emotional moment that might leave them with a tear in their eye.

But that was the case on last night’s episode, as the show paid tribute to Vanna White’s beloved cat, who recently passed away.

Vanna, who has been the show’s iconic co-host and letter revealer since 1982, was the owner of a cat named Stella.

White often talked about her beloved cat: she frequently posted photos on social media, and Stella was a frequent topic of on-show banter with host Pat Sajak, who sometimes teased her about how much she talked about her pet.

Sadly, Stella recently passed away after 16 years with Vanna. The hosts broke the news at the end of last night’s Wheel of Fortune episode.

“She was such a big member of our family,” Vanna said. “She’s going to be missed so much. I love her to death.”

But things really get emotional as Pat reveals a special tribute to the late cat: a tribute reel of all the times Stella has appeared on the show.

The montage shows the many times Vanna showed off a clip of her pet doing something cute or impressive, like opening a door on her own. We also see how Pat teases her by getting the cat’s name wrong.

“I know I teased you about Stella over the years, but we always loved hearing about her,” Pat Sajak says.

It’s clear that Vanna was moved and emotional by the tribute — as were many viewers watching at home.

Many people on social media shared reactions to the sweet moment, sharing their condolences to Vanna, including many who lost their own pet recently.

As Pat Sajak says, it’s always sad when someone loses a pet. Even if you’re a famous celebrity a cat’s love can be the most important thing in the world.

Our hearts go out to Vanna White as she mourns her beloved, longtime cat — rest in peace Stella.

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