University of Tulsa builds ‘cat condos’ for dozen stray cats who live on campus

The University of Tulsa, in Oklahoma, isn’t just home to students — it’s also home to a colony of stray cats who have taken up residence on the school’s campus.

But far from being viewed as a burden, these academic felines have been embraced by the school’s students and staff — who even went as far as building shelters for the cats.

According to FOX 23, the semi-permanent shelters, dubbed “cat condos,” were built by the university, ensuring that the stray cats always have shelter during inclement weather.

Mona Chamberlin, a spokeswoman for TU, told the network that two dozen cats have lived on the campus for the past decade.

They don’t have a negative effect on campus life, however. Quite the opposite: the cats are beloved by the students, who keep track of the strays through Instagram accounts.

Vinni Knox, a student who runs one of the accounts, was happy to learn about the “cat condos,” telling FOX 23 she’s glad the cats will have a place to go during extreme heat and cold.

In addition to providing shelter, the university has also collaborated with local nonprofit T-Town TNR (trap, neuter, return) to ensure the cats are spayed, neutered and fed.

These lucky strays are living it up on campus — and don’t even have to pay tuition.

What a cool idea! These college cats now have the best “dorms” on campus, which will keep them safe from any weather.

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