‘Unicorn’ kitty: Foster discovers their rescue kitten has an extremely rare trait

A shelter recently discovered that one of their rescue kittens has an extremely rare trait — and now this beautiful “unicorn” kitty is taking the world by storm.

According to the Fort Collins Coloradoan, a litter of kittens was born in a shed earlier this year, and later ended up in the care of NoCo Kitties, a foster rescue in Loveland, Colorado.

The kittens’ foster mom Alli Magish soon noticed something unusual about one of the kittens: he was a male calico cat.

Calico cats — cats with tri-colored coats — are almost always female, and males make up just one in 3,000 births.

Male calicos are sometimes called “unicorns” due to their rarity, so the rescue dubbed their unique cat “Unicorn.”

“We just thought how incredibly unusual and what fun it is,” rescue founder Davida Dupont told the Coloradoan.

Because of Unicorn’s rarity, the rescue says they will likely receive an above-average adoption fee from interested owners. However, they say they want the kitten to go to the best home, not just whoever will pay the most for him.

According to a Facebook post, NoCo Kitties received “overwhelming requests” about the kitten and would not be taking any more adoption applications.

They are now using the publicity surrounding Unicorn to encourage people to adopt their other cats, and to raise money for a Trap Neuter Release low-cost spay/neuter clinic in the basement of their facility.

It’s always very special to see a male calico cat. Last year the Las Vegas-based Animal Foundation took in a male calico named “Comet,” who soon got adopted.

“Those in veterinary medicine work years or even decades without ever seeing one in person,” the shelter wrote at the time. “Comet is certainly one of the most unique cats we have ever seen at The Animal Foundation.”

What a beautiful, unique kitten! We hope that this sweet “Unicorn” goes to a loving home soon!

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