Trooper stops to help kitten stranded on interstate, and decides to adopt her

Sometimes pets come into our lives in unexpected ways, as if by destiny. You come across an animal and just know it’s meant to be.

That was the case recently, after one trooper went out of his way to rescue a cat stranded on the side of the freeway, and ended up giving her a forever home.

The heartwarming story was shared by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. In November, Trooper Stoner was out on duty when he heard the sound of a cat in need of help.

“I was sitting here doing LIDAR and I heard ‘meow, meow,'” the trooper says in bodycam footage shared by the department.


He decided to investigate, and found a kitten stranded on the side of the I-10 freeway in Phoenix. The cat was injured and frightened β€” surrounded by cars, she had nowhere to go and no one to help her.

Trooper Stoner worked to gain the kitten’s trust, and was eventually able to pick the kitten up.

He then waits for backup from another trooper who can safely transport the cat (it looks like Trooper Stoner was traveling by motorcycle, no place for a scared kitten), but in the meantime he bonded with the kitten, even enlisting her to help with his work.

“Sit right there, watch traffic,” he tells the kitten. “Let me know if you see any speeders, okay?”


Another trooper then showed up and took the cat, but that wasn’t the end of their story.

According to the Arizona DPS, one of the kitten’s legs had to be amputated due to the injuries. But the cat, now named Cheddar, is “happy and healthy.”

And best of all, the kitten now has a forever home… with Trooper Stoner and his family ❀️

Many people on Twitter thanked the trooper for rescuing and adopting Cheddar.

“Crying happy tears…thank you for saving her,” one person wrote.

“That’s a lucky little cat! Thanks for rescuing her,” another replied.

What a positive outcome for this sweet little cat! Thank you to this trooper for saving Cheddar and giving her a great new home!

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