This library will forgive all your overdue fees — if you show them a photo of your cat

Many people owe overdue library fees that they’re putting off paying. It can keep people from returning to the library, depriving them of all the great things the library has to offer.

In recent years, more and more libraries have been introducing payment forgiveness programs — and now, one library is going viral for their adorably purr-fect new plan.

The Worcester Public Library, in Worcester, Massachusetts, has an ongoing program they call “March Meowness.”

The deal is the library will forgive any damaged or lost library fines — in exchange for pictures of cats!

You can show a photo of your own pet feline, but the promotion isn’t exclusive to cat owners. If you’re more of a dog person, you can just draw a picture of a cat, or show a photo of a famous cat — the library says “any cat” will do.

“Even if you don’t have a cat in your life, you can still draw one,” library Executive Director Jason Homer told WBUR. “Even if it’s one of the big cats, like a tiger or a lion, and we’ll be excited to see those.”

Cat photos will be put on display on the “cat wall” at their main library.

It’s part of an effort to encourage people to come back to the library, even if that lost book has been keeping them away. “We understand accidents can happen, and sometimes fees might hold you back from fully using your public library,” their website reads.

“We at the Worcester Public Library are always looking for ways to reduce barriers,” Homer told WBUR. “We know that a lot of people, unfortunately, through being displaced in housing, or life getting in the way in the global pandemic, lost a lot of materials.”


According to their site, items are not guaranteed to be waived and it’s at the discretion of the staff. Items must be lost for at least 2 months, and the forgiveness won’t apply if your lost items “can be viewed as an attempt to restrict access to diverse content.”

According to the New York Times, about 400 people have had their library borrowing privileges restored, just by providing a picture of a cat!

In addition to the fee forgiveness program, the library will be celebrating cats all month long with some feline-themed events, including a cat eye makeup tutorial, workshops to make stained glass cats and DIY cat toys, a “Hello Kitty Party” and even a screening of the movie Cats.

In addition, people can learn how to get involved with the local Worcester Animal Rescue League and Second Chance Animal Services, and can “de-stress” with shelter cats from WARL.

For the librarians, it’s a heartwarming way to welcome hundreds of people back to the library while also celebrating all things cats.

“We librarians love our cats,” Homer said. “We’re really leaning in on the fact that, all in all, librarians are cat people…  So we thought, let’s lean in on the joke, let’s be part of the joke, and let’s have fun together.”

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Wow, what a great idea to get people back to the library while also encouraging people’s love for cats! ❤️😸

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