Teen reads 'Harry Potter' to blind, timid cat every day and the magic rubs off

Teen reads ‘Harry Potter’ to blind, timid cat every day and the magic rubs off

It’s the most treasured series of books of our generation and has rendered many children (and adults) transfixed but the ‘Harry Potter’ books also had a similar effect on a blind cat with trust issues.

These magical books, which have brought many children and adults together for some quality reading time also united an animal hero volunteer and a blind cat from Virginia called Stevie Wonder.

Stevie arrived at the Richmond SPCA in a bad way; his past experiences left him so frightened of strangers he hid in the corner and barely ate.

It was only when 19-year-old shelter volunteer, Price McIntyre, came in to help bring this timid cat out of his shell that things started to change for the frightened female.

Price decided to start reading “Harry Potter” to Stevie every day to get him used to people and it wasn’t long before he fell in love with the wizarding world just as the muggle community has.

“The SPCA has little Hogwarts decorations everywhere and I thought, ‘OK, if I were to pick a series to read him, it’d be ‘Harry Potter,’” Price told The Dodo.

Price read to Stevie every day in a quiet room so she would get used to his voice and soon learned to trust humans again. Despite her mistrust at first Stevie was soon snuggling up to Price enjoying his every word.

“He’s a very affectionate cat, but he likes to come to you first. Price has done wonders for Stevie Wonder in helping him become a little more outgoing. They’ve definitely formed a special bond,” Tabitha Treloar, communications director for the rescue, told The Dodo.

The “Harry Potter” theme has continued with one shelter employee sorting cats into houses to show their different personalities and to help potential adopters.

Stevie was sorted into the house of Hufflepuff which is associated with kindness, loyalty and patience, all qualities that would be needed to help this 5-year-old cat.

Richmond SPCA

Price visits Stevie every day and hopes to be able to adopt him as soon as he gets the okay from his mom.

Just shows what patience and a ‘Harry Potter’ book can do for relationships.

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