‘Super rare,’ 1-in-3,000 male calico shelter cat lights up internet and finds a home

All cats are beautiful and special in their own way, but some of them have special qualities that make them truly unique.

When one shelter recently took in a cat, they realized he actually had a “super rare” condition that made him the “unicorn of cats.”

The Animal Foundation, in Las Vegas, shared a post about a kitten in their care named Comet. So what makes Comet so rare? He’s a male calico — and only 1 in 3,000 calico cats are male.

“Male calicos and torties are so rare that they are sometimes called the ‘unicorn’ of cats,” the Animal Foundation wrote. “Those in veterinary medicine work years or even decades without ever seeing one in person.”

Calico cats are distinguished by their tri-color coat of fur. According to ASPCA, the distinctive coating is caused by two X chromosomes, meaning that they’re almost always female. But sometimes male cats can have an extra X chromosome, leading to this rare occurrence.

Comet attracted a lot of attention, and thankfully for him, many people wanted to take this very rare kitty home.

In an update to their post, the Animal Foundation announced that Comet had been adopted!

While Comet has now gone to his new home, he’s one cat the shelter will never forget. “Comet is certainly one of the most unique cats we have ever seen at The Animal Foundation,” the shelter wrote. “So cool!”

Wow, what a unique cat! We’ve definitely never seen a male calico cat before. We’re glad to hear this incredibly rare kitty has found a new home!

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