Stray mama cat carries her sick kitten to emergency room so medics can help

There’s nothing that quite compares to a mother’s love.

Heart-warming photographs from an Istanbul hospital depict the moment a stray mother cat carried her sick kitten to the ER for help.

As per reports, the worried mama carried her baby to medics so it could be treated. In turn, the medics gave the kitten a thorough check to make sure it everything was okay.

Thankfully, it’s said both cats are now in good health and were directed to a vet for further care more in line with their, err … species.

Photos of the adorable mama-kitten duo were shared to Twitter, where they unsurprisingly grabbed the attention of the world.

Merve Γ–zcan, who uploaded the pictures to Twitter, tweeted that the cats were being “mischievous”. Her original post has over 85,000 likes at the time of writing.

I just love cats so much! How adorable are these photos?

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