Stray cat who lost eye after being hit by bus is now looking for a forever home

Stray cat who lost eye after being hit by bus is now looking for a forever home

All pets deserve a loving forever home, especially ones that have already faced a lot of trauma in their lives. Injured and special needs animals need the most love and care from a good family.

Now, one cat who survived a horrible accident is now looking for the perfect home who will love her just the way she is.

Life can be difficult for stray animals: fending for themselves on the streets, they’re susceptible to all kinds of dangers. Like a stray cat named Trudie, a one-year-old Domestic Shorthair crossbreed, who was terribly injured in March after being struck by a bus in Luton, Bedfordshire, England.

Making things even worse, the scared, injured cat ran off from the scene before any bystanders could help her, and for 16 days continued on her own while suffering from injuries.

“She ran off before anyone could scoop her up,” the RSPCA writes. “Trudie was lost and fending for herself on the streets for two weeks, unable to eat and suffering with the most horrendous injuries.”

Trudie was eventually found, and vets performed surgeries to save the gravely wounded stray.

“She spent a week at the vets where she had life-saving surgery to remove her eye and wire her jaw back together,” animal care assistant Amy Hearne said, according to Metro.

“I can’t believe she’d survived as long as she had; she’s a little fighter.”

Her carers at the RSPCA gave her the name Trudie after St. Gertrude, the patron saint of cats. Trudie has been recovering for months; her jaw has now healed and her bright personality has begun to shine through.

With her injuries healed, Trudie is now up for adoption. But after all the trauma she’s been through, she’ll need a special home: the RSPCA asks that she be the only cat in the household, and in a home with lots of safe space away from roads and railways, with no kids under 8.

“She is very scared now when she hears cars and vans moving around outside,” her adoption page says. “It is vital that she goes somewhere safe, where she cannot bolt away into a road if she gets frightened.”

While those conditions make finding a home more of a challenge and they haven’t yet found a home for Trudie, the RSPCA is hoping that there is a perfect family out there for her — and in return, they’ll get a very loving, playful companion.

‘She’s cheeky, affectionate and playful; she’s such a character and will bring so much joy to the right family,” Amy said. “She’s still a youngster and absolutely loves to play but is also a real cuddlebug and will curl up on your lap within seconds of you sitting down.”

“After everything this little miracle has been through, and overcome, we can’t wait to see her go off to a wonderful new home to live out her life being loved and spoiled,” Mona Jorgensen, deputy manager at RSPCA Southridge, told Metro.

What a brave, beautiful cat. After everything she’s been through and survived, she deserves a perfect, loving home to spend the rest of her days in.

If you are interested in adopting Trudie and fit the criteria, you can reach out to the RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre by visiting Trudie’s adoption page.

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