Stray cat walks into family's apartment and gives birth, lands herself a forever home

Stray cat walks into family’s apartment and gives birth, lands herself a forever home

When most animal lovers spot a stray animal they’ll do everything they can to improve its quality of life.

When Ashley Morrison encountered a scared, stray cat, she went above and beyond.

A stray tabby cat that often wandered around a Seattle apartment complex recently made its way into someone’s apartment. Within an hour of making herself at home, the cat gave birth to a litter of kittens.

The family, whose house the stray cat decided to give birth in, reached out to a local animal rescue for help.

Morrison answered the call.

“When we got home, Moira (the cat mom) was panicked. She didn’t know me and wasn’t used to human interaction. She was climbing the walls and she was so scared of me,” Morrison told Love Meow.

At first Moira was terrified. It took days before Morrison was able to be in the same room as her, let alone pet her and show her some love.

But after several weeks, the once frightened tabby cat warmed up to Morrison’s presence and began to enjoy the finer luxuries of an indoor car.

“Moira never stops making biscuits. (Before she had her kittens), she was living outside, sleeping under an apartment complex and living off food left outside for the cats,” Morrison said.

As Moira continued to trust her rescuer, her kittens to grow. When it was time to put them up for adoption, Morrison knew she knew they all deserved loving homes, especially Moira.

“Moira is such a good example of why it is so important to spay and neuter not only your personal cats, but cats you see outside. 75% of kittens born outside don’t make it to six months old.”

Both mother and kittens have been adopted and are living in with their forever families.

You can follow Moira’s inside adventures on Instagram, and see Morrison’s latest rescues on her Instagram.

“She really stuck up for herself when she walked into the apartment and refused to leave while she had her babies.”