Stray cat mother carries her injured kitten to emergency room, and the doctors step up to help

The city of Istanbul, Turkey is known for caring for their animals. They have a large population of street cats and dogs, but in their culture it’s common to care for them by leaving out food and providing shelter when needed.

One recent story shows just how far they’ll go to care for these animals, and how these street pets trust people and know they will help.

On April 27, a hospital in Istanbul got an unexpected patient when a cat came in, carrying her injured kitten in her mouth. It was just like she was bringing her to the hospital for help.


It’s easy to imagine many hospitals would’ve quickly gotten the cat out of the building, but the staff made room to help the kitten.

According to Bored Panda, local news outlets reported that the hospital staff gave the injured kitten a medical examination. While the mother cat waited, they gave her some milk.

After everything was taken care of, they transfered the cats to a vets office where they could continue to be treated.


The story went viral, first in the Turkish media and later worldwide thanks to social media posts.

It wasn’t these doctors’ responsibility to look after a stray cat, but they did it anyway, going above and beyond to help.

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