Stray cat cuddles up to say thank you to nurse during long shift

The COVID-19 pandemic gave many people new respect for healthcare workers. While most of us spent many months in quarantine, doctors, nurses, and other staff have worked on the front lines.

And it seems like the animals noticed their heroism, too, as one cat came up to greet one overworked nurse on his break.


Ahmed Flaty has been training to be a nurse, interning at a hospital in Egypt amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

In September 2020, he took a short break from the grueling job, heading outside to talk to a friend of his.

But then, he got a friendly greeting from someone unexpected: a stray cat.

“This little kitten walked up to me,” Ahmed told The Dodo. “[She] didn’t meow or anything — just looked at me, then climbed onto my lap, looked at me for a bit and then slept.”

FacebookAhmed Flaty

The stray cat continued to rest in his arms for 20 minutes. While it’s not uncommon for stray animals to come up to people in Cairo, Ahmed was moved by the cat’s hello and took it as an encouraging sign on a long shift.

“I had been on 12-hour shift continuously for like 20 days straight but that cat made all that seem like nothing,” Ahmed said.

“Honestly, it really was the best moment of this whole year so far.”

Ahmed’s busy schedule prohibits him from having a cat of his own, but he clearly loves these animals and is grateful for their company.

“What greater gift than the love of a cat,” Ahmed wrote in the photo’s caption, quoting Charles Dickens.

What a beautiful moment! We’re thankful to all the frontline heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic — and clearly the cats are too!

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