Shelter throws 19th birthday party for senior cat to help him find a home

Shelter throws 19th birthday party for senior cat to help him find a home

It can be fun to celebrate a pet’s birthday. Because our cats and dogs don’t live as long as people do, each birthday is all the more special.

It’s especially true once our pets get older and live past their life expectancy, providing a special memory with a friend who might be in their twilight years.

Which is why one shelter went all out to celebrate the birthday of one of their cats — which doubled as an effort to finally get him a home.

June 15 was a big day at Cincinnati Animal CARE. The shelter celebrated the birthday of one of their most senior animals, a distinguished cat named Sammy, who celebrated his 19th birthday.

At 19, Sammy is well past the life expectancy for domestic cats, so the birthday is a big milestone. But sadly, Sammy’s golden years have been filled with heartbreak.

He recently ended up in the shelter because his owner had to go into assisted living and couldn’t take him, CARE explained.

But that didn’t stop him from celebrating. Sammy lived it up on his big day, dressed up in a blue birthday hat. His friends at the shelter put up decorations and celebrated with him.

CARE also hoped that his birthday bash might get the word out about this cat and help him find a home. It can be harder to find people willing to take in senior animals, who might require special care and won’t last many more years.

But Sammy deserved a good home to spend the rest of his life in, and CARE was optimistic they could find someone to love Sammy like they have.

“Happy birthday to this beautiful fella who would love a nice, quiet home to live out his golden years!” CARE wrote. “The only rule for adopting Sammy though? You have to throw him a 20th birthday party on 6/15/22!”

“Sammy is just amazingly sweet,” CARE spokesperson Ray Anderson told HuffPost. “Likes to cuddle, likes to be held, likes to rest his head on you and was definitely soaking up all the attention today.”

“He’s a very agreeable cat, as I’m sure you can tell with his spectacular hat he got to wear today. He’s very observant and likes to just sit and watch what’s going on.”

And soon, Sammy got his birthday wish. A day after his birthday bash, an adopter arrived at the shelter door, looking to adopt him!

CARE says that Sammy’s new home includes a fellow senior cat. They also point out that the adoption request came in before Sammy’s birthday bash went viral, so it seems his new family just has a warm heart for older cats who need homes.

And his owners got him a new hat for the occasion — and perhaps as a birthday gift.

While Sammy got his birthday wish, there are still many senior animals looking for homes, and CARE hopes that people who were moved by Sammy’s story will consider adopting their other cats.

“We have about 10 other senior cats here who would just love to get the same kind of happy ending that Sammy did!” CARE wrote on Facebook.

Happy 19th birthday, Sammy, and congrats on finding a new home! All senior cats deserve a loving home to spend their senior years in.

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