Shelter desperately tries to get “criminal” cat adopted to stop him prison-breaking other cats

The debate has long raged over whether dogs or cats make the better pets, but there can be no doubting which species is the more mischievous.

Sure, dogs can get up to some suspicious things if given half the chance, but there can be no matching felines for finding new ways to break the rules. And the worst part about it? Unlike most dogs, cats seem to know exactly what they’re doing when they commit these crimes.

Well, we’ve got a candidate for naughty cat of the year for you in the form of one with a reputation for “prison-breaking”. His name is Quilty and the Friends For Life Animal Rescue ands Adoption Organization in Houston are trying to find him a new home.

Quilty will not be contained. And he has no shame.Quilty loves to let cats out of the senior room.Repeatedly.Several…

Posted by Friends For Life Animal Shelter on Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The shelter are encouraging people to give him the forever home he deserves for two reasons.

One: because he’s adorable and deserves the love and care every cat should get.

Two: because he’s been driving them up the wall with his scheming ways.

The shelter’s Facebook post reads: “Quilty will not be contained. And he has no shame. Quilty loves to let cats out of the senior room. Repeatedly. Several times a day.

We have since Quilty-proofed the cat room, while he took a brief hiatus in the lobby. His roommates missed him while he was banished to the lobby. They enjoyed their nighttime escapades around the shelter. The staff, however, did not miss the morning cat wrangling, so we’ll just have to agree to disagree there.

Credit: Friends For Life

The post also explains that Quilty has a rich history of devious practises. At his old home, he used to also let the family dog indoors.

As per the shelter, to reacclimatise to the room, Quilty was placed in an integration kennel. “He is being a spicy a-hole now because he is, once again, contained.”

True to form, however, he escaped again.

“Quilty’s review with the parole board was denied, so he released himself of his own recognizance today. He felt that confinement had nothing more to offer him. He has been returned to solitary. The review board will take up his case again tomorrow,” the page explained.

Credit: Friends For Life

Looking for a home

So, anyone fancy adopting this little ball of mischief?

His description reads: “I’m a smart, energetic, laid back fella, but I can be a bit shy. If you have a friendly dog at home that is okay with me, but I’m not sure about young children. I’ve never played with them before, so I don’t know if I like them. I do know that I like to open closed doors. When I see one it challenges me, and I work hard to get it open and I’m usually successful.

Remember the name Quilty and schedule a Meet and Greet with me. I’m ready to go to your house for a sleepover and I’m ready to stay forever.”

Surely someone has a home for this cat, so clearly full of character!

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