Shelter cat with “wonky” eye still looking for a home with someone who loves her the way she is

Some animals look a little different, but still deserve to be loved like anybody else. Sadly, many of these unique-looking creatures get passed over by adopters because of their appearance.

Like one cat with a “wonky” eye, who is still searching for a forever home with someone who will love her just the way she is.

Lily, a 6-year-old domestic long-haired cat, was born blind in her left eye. While it causes no health issues, it has left her with a unique cross-eyed look:

She has been in the care of Paws and Whiskers Charity (PAWS), a rescue in Sussex, England, since her owner was no longer able to keep her. PAWS has been trying for a while to find Lily a home, but no one has taken her yet — possibly due to her unique looks.

But the shelter says Lily is a great cat, and her unusual eye only makes her even more special: “I think her quirky eye adds to her beauty,” Lynda Humphrey-Stack, PAWS director and Lily’s foster, told ITV.

Lily’s eye causes her no health issues, but because her vision is impaired she will need a safe, secure area away from busy roads. She is also happy to stay indoors. “She is understandably wary of sudden movements on her blind side so her new family must bear this in mind,” PAWS wrote on Facebook.

They also said that Lily “doesn’t know any different and adapts to new environments amazingly well.”

Lily can live in a home with other cats or dogs and children of any age: she’s gotten along with with the kids and other pets in her foster home. She is also neutered and almost toilet trained.

Lily sounds like a great cat who would be a welcome addition in any home — we hope someone can look past her “wonky” eye and open their hearts to this beautiful cat ❤️

If you are in the area and interested in adopting Lily, you can fill out a PAWS application form.

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