Black cat spends 6 months at shelter then he jumps on a random man’s lap and won’t move

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs are humane ways to help control a community’s cat population. These programs, which are run in cities across the country, trap cats, transported to a veterinarian where they are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, eartipped, and then returned to their home.

In 2014, a friendly black cat participated in a TNR program in Chicago. After the cat went through the program it was determined that he wasn’t fit to live on the streets so Harmony House for Cats took the kitty in.

Harmony House for Cats, a cageless, no-kill shelter in Chicago, placed the sociable cat up for adoption. According to Love Meow, he wanted six months and no one showed any interest.

Then Andrea and Rich Williams paid a visit to the animal shelter. As they looked at all the cats available for adoption one cat, Mikita, caught their eye, and it appeared they had also caught the cat’s eye as well.

The cat jumped right into Rich’s lap.

“He seemed to really like Rich so we knew instantly that we had to adopt him,” Andrea told Love Meow.

But they couldn’t take him home right away. The couple realized Mikita had an injured knee, so the black cat was put on cage rest for several weeks.

His time in the animal shelter was coming to an end.

When Mikita arrived at his new forever home, the Williams were delighted to see their new family member thrive.

“We were so excited to see him come out of his shell without other cats around as he made himself right at home.”

Mikita loves to spend time with his humans.

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Andrea said that Mikita loves to hang out with the couple and can often be found snuggling on top of their legs or perched on someone’s shoulders.

“He loves to be held and is a total shoulder cat,” she said.

The Williams share Mikita’s adventures on Instagram.

“He is a part of our family and we are grateful that he was given a second chance.”

Recently, the couple has expanded their fur family and adopted another black cat named Dahlia.

So far it looks like the two black cats are enjoying their new lives with the Williams.

When no one else was willing to give Mikita a second chance, Andrea and Rich opened their home. They were repaid with lots of cuddles and a cat that loves them unconditionally.

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