Senior shelter cat sits in “Free” basket, hoping someone will give him a home

All shelter animals dream of the day someone will come and adopt them — and to improve their chances, sometimes they’ll do some surprising things to stand out and get noticed.

Like one clever senior cat, who has taken to sitting in the shelter’s “Free” basket hoping someone will take him home.

Bud, a 14-year-old cat, is in the care of Putnam Humane Society, in Carmel, New York. According to The Dodo, he arrived at the shelter over the summer after his owner lost his home and couldn’t care for Bud any longer.

The shelter has since been trying to find a new forever home for this sweet senior cat to spend his remaining years in. They wrote that while Bud can sometimes be bossy with the other cats, he’s the “sweetest mellowest, easy-going boy ever.”

“Healthy, loves to be pet, and is a great little officer helper,” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

But even with all his positive qualities, Bud still hasn’t found a forever home after months in the shelter. But the senior cat is determined to find a new home — and has found a clever new strategy for getting adopters’ attention.

A few weeks ago, Bud snuck into a basket of giveaways in the shelter office labeled “FREE,” as if hoping someone will pick him up and take him home.

“Bud is trying so hard to get himself adopted,” Putnam Humane Society wrote on Facebook.

“We think that he’s trying to say that he’s tired of not being adopted so he put himself in the FREE basket hoping someone will take him.”

Bud has snuck into the basket several times over the past few weeks, but as clever as his plan is, it hasn’t worked: Bud is still up for adoption.

The shelter is still looking for a home for Bud, and says he would do well as the only cat in the house, so he can be the center of attention. “He’s a great senior boy, who loves affection, loves to be held and would be such a great companion,” they wrote.

Anyone interested in adopting Bud can contact the shelter or visit between 10:00 and 4:00 every day.

It’s clear that Bud really wants someone to give him a new home, and we hope he gets adopted soon! Please share this story to spread the word about this sweet adoptable cat!