Pregnant stray cat desperately moans for help – watch her response when she gets what she wants

Not all animals are lucky enough to give birth in the safety of a home and for those poor pregnant creatures on the street, getting food is even more crucial.

The cat in the clip below is heavily pregnant and roaming the wet cold streets looking for food.


She was struggling to find food and would clearly do anything to get it but living on the streets is a scary experience for domesticated animals and it’s hard to know who you can trust.

This cat is particularly wary of a person who approaches her and starts filming her.

She cries out for help but is also positioning herself to escape – it’s a heartbreaking response as the clearly the streets have not been kind to this pregnant feline.


Thankfully there are people that do all they can to help these desperate creatures.

Robin Seplut, who lives in the Russian city of Zheleznogorsk, goes out every day to feed homeless animals and on this occasion couldn’t ignore this kitty’s desperate cries.


With a large container of food in one hand and his phone recording her cries in the other, he manages to lead her to a safe place.

She’s wary of him but is so desperate for food her meows are long and loud as she cries out for sustenance to help her growing babies.

Starving cat devours the offering

When he put the large container of food down, she hungrily devours it, looking up every now and then to make sure she’s safe to eat it.

I hope this kitty found a safe place to give birth and can get more help from animal hero Robin.

Watch Robin’s recording of her in the clip below and don’t forget to share it with all the animal lovers you know.

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