Police officer saves abandoned kitten – takes her on patrol so she's not alone

Police officer saves abandoned kitten – takes her on patrol so she’s not alone

The side of a busy street is hardly the best place for a kitten to call home. Most of us would probably stop for any baby animal we thought might be alone and lost trying to shelter next to such danger.

This little bundle of fur was no exception when she was found hiding at the base of a lamppost by police at Florida’s Lakeland Police Department. Officers not only rescued her but gave her a new home.


Brian Wallace/ Facebook

It was the start of the evening shift when an anxious resident contacted police to report the tiny animal spotted near a busy traffic section. Officer Mike Cardin was called to the scene.

Officer Cardin managed to catch the scared little animal that was cowering under a street lamp and brought it to the station. As it was early on in his shift he decided to bring her back to the station and put her in an old records box to keep her warm and safe until animal welfare could collect her.

Brian Wallace/ Facebook

Here, the story of Kelsey, as the kitten is now called, would have ended — but the bundle of fur caught the attention of Sergeant Brian Wallace, who had just started his shift and saw the little kitten sitting in the box.

He couldn’t leave her in the box, so he decided to keep her with him.

“She sat there all alone and scared and I just could not leave her in that box waiting to be picked up,” said Sgt. Wallace.

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The new friends became inseparable. At first she was very afraid, but after a while she became accustomed to her new comfy surroundings. When it was time for Wallace to go out on patrol, little Kelsey followed.

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“I took the box she was in and placed it in the passenger seat of my car. She sat there for the rest of my shift and seemed very satisfied,” said Sgt. Wallace. “However, she did fall asleep her first night on the job.”

When the shift was finally over, the officer didn’t feel ready to leave his new friend.

Brian Wallace/Facebook

So he adopted the little kitten and gave her a name.

“I just could not resist that little sweet face,” Sgt. Wallace said.

Brian Wallace/Facebook

Kelsey has now made herself comfortable in her new home and has adapted very well. She is still getting used to all the luxuries of living in a cozy house, instead of out on the street.

“She’s very emotional. It’s almost like she understands that she got an extra chance in life after being inches away from danger,” said Sgt. Wallace.

Sgt. Wallace went that step further and not only saved the kitten’s life, but also gave her a safe home. Please share this with your friends and pay tribute to the officer’s warm heart!

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