Police officer adopts kitten after rescuing him from car engine

A scary situation for one trapped kitten led to a very happy ending, after he was adopted by one of the officers who saved him from a car engine.

According to a Facebook post by the Town of Ramapo Police Department, in New York, officers were dispatched after receiving a report of a cat stuck in a car’s engine block.

The cat was reportedly stuck between the car’s engine and fire wall.

Photos show the officers hard at work, carefully using a car jack to safely remove the cat from the engine.

Thankfully, they were able to get the cat out safely, and Ramapo Valley Ambulance Corps was also on the scene to provide medical backup, although the cat was reportedly uninjured.

It’s always inspiring to see police officers working hard to save the animals in their community. Animals often get themselves stuck in some pretty tricky spots and need some professional help getting free.

After sharing the news on Facebook, the police department was praised for their actions. But it’s what happened next that makes this story really special.

After the rescue the kitten reportedly went into the care of one of the responding officers, and according to Fox News, the officer has now adopted the kitten for good!

Officer Christine Winter says she named the four-week-old kitten Otto, and he is now settling in to his new home, joining her other rescue cat Ella.

Thank you to all the officers who showed up to save this trapped kitten, and especially to Officer Winter for giving Otto a loving new home!

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