Overweight cat taken to vets to be put down – scan shows it’s something else

When Pitoe the cat was brought into a veterinary clinic the vet was shocked by the animal’s appearance.

To say this 4-year-old British shorthair was big for her frame was an understatement. Her unusual size had left her owner baffled as the cat didn’t go out and wasn’t overfed.

Scans showed Pitoe was suffering with severe scoliosis which had affected the condition of her spine and caused her body to be shorter than most cats while she continued to grow in width.

Marie, who was working at her family’s veterinary clinic the day Pitoe came in, said the cat’s owner wanted to have her put down; he was a breeder and thought nobody would pay money for her.

“The owner was going to have her put down because of the severity [of her condition] and the thought that he’d never be able to sell this cat,” Marie said as per The Dodo.

“But my mom realized this kitty might actually still live a good life, though she probably wouldn’t be very mobile.”

Marie thought of her grandparents who had wanted a cat for a while but not one that was too active given their ages.

Pitoe’s owner surrendered the cat to Marie and her grandparents were thrilled when they were introduced to Pitoe.

“My grandparents love her to bits and spoil her rotten,” Marie said. “We all check up on her so she stays healthy and pain-free.”

Pitoe also has problems moving her hind leg so has developed a waddle but it doesn’t stop her from enjoying life with her new loving owners.

“She loves all the attention and looking out of the window,” Marie said. “She loves naps and food like any other cat, and throwing her water bowl around.”

This gorgeous feline has quite the social media following with almost 8,000 fans on Instagram.

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