Officers come to the rescue of crying kittens trapped in storm drain

It’s a police officer’s duty to look after everyone in their community, whether they be human or animal. Sometimes animals get stuck in some tricky places and need a little human help getting free, and officers are always ready to lend a helping hand.

That was the case recently, after police officers spent hours rescuing trapped kittens from a storm drain.

According to a post by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, a state employee asked the State Capitol Police for help after hearing the sound of kittens crying in a storm drain.


Officer Cole Olson arrived on the scene, which thankfully was right near the police headquarters headquarters.

Photos show the officer entering the storm drain to get the kittens out. But it wasn’t an easy task: according to NC Public Safety, they had to work in the pouring rain, and the rescue mission took nearly two hours.

Still, he persisted, and eventually were able to get the kittens out safe and sound.


Erin Mayabb, the employee who first heard the kittens’ cries, told WRAL she helped the officers during the two-hour mission. She said that three kittens were pulled from the drain pipe.

In addition to Mayabb and Cole Olson, WRAL reports that Sergeant Benjamin Franklin, Sergeant Joe Coley and Officer Richard Sampson also provided supplies and support.

After returning to the surface, the kittens were brought to SAFE Haven for Cats, in Raleigh, North Carolina.


The heartwarming news went viral, and many people thanked the officers for going above and beyond to save this sweet cats.

So glad these kittens are safe and sound! Thanks to everyone who helped save them!

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