Office worker looks up and sees mysterious ‘surveillance’ cat watching him

If you’ve worked in an office, you know that feeling that the boss is spying on you, making sure you’re getting your work done instead of browsing Facebook or playing Minesweeper.

But one office has apparently taken “employee surveillance” to strange (and adorable) new heights.

One day an office worker in Japan looked up at the ceiling tiles above him, and spotted something unusual…


He looked a little closer, and realized what it was…

…a cat, staring down at him and his co-workers:


What’s going on here? Whose cat was this, and how did he end up in the ceiling?

There are no answers, sadly, but the employee snapped the pics and sent them to a colleague, who tweeted about this new “surveillance” system.

The photos have since gone viral, as workers everywhere have wondered if they, too, are under the watchful eye of this mysterious office cat.

Look up, and you might just see him.

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