No one knows why this cat is sitting at the door when the family finds a note with unusual instructions

According to  The Humane Society the U.S. is overrun with feral cats and many organizations are working hard to reduce the staggering 50 million in a humane way.

Some cats are lucky enough to be born in an area where humans are willing to take care of them.

Miranda and her family were just about to move into a house in Washington, when they found a note left by the previous owners.

It turned out that the family were not alone in the house they were about to move into.


When Miranda and her family moved into their new home in July 2018 they discovered a note left by the previous owners.

The note said: “Welcome to our beloved home! We hope you enjoy it as much as we have! There’s one favor we ask of you, you do not have to do it, but we would appreciate it if you did.

“In the backyard there is an old orange kitty who lives there. He is feral and was born in our backyard 12 years ago. He has an injured paw and will not let you go near him. We feed him (every day) twice a day and we have for years now.”

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The previous owners asked Miranda and her family to continue feeding the cat as they had because they couldn’t take him with them.

“We immediately looked out the back sliding glass door and he (the cat) was looking at us through the door,” Miranda told The Dodo .

It seems Raz the feral cat was lucky as Miranda had a soft spot for cats and was more than happy to take him on.

“We started laughing because we currently have five cats, all but one have been rescued,” Miranda said. “The house we lived in previously, people used to drop off their cats there and we took them in.”

But even though the family were won over by Raz the outdoor cat, the same couldn’t be said for Raz. Every time his new family tried to get close he would run.

But with patience and lots of food, he started to get used to his new owners and now hangs outside with them.

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Miranda hopes that she can gain Raz’s trust so that one day she can take him to get his injured paw treated.

She even hopes that he will feel comfortable enough to play with the family’s other cats.

“If you have the means to take care of an animal in need, you should. There is nothing like earning the their trust and helping them live out their time comfortably and feeling loved.”, Miranda told The Dodo.

Raz the cat seems to thrive in the presence of Miranda and her family. 

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