“Neuter your ex”: Animal shelter offers funny fundraising promotion for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and while many will be celebrating with their significant other, some will just be trying to get over a bad breakup or an unfaithful ex.

If you’re in that latter category, there’s a new way to get back at your ex-lover: neutering them. Well, kind of.

Homeward Bound Adoption Center, in Blackwood, New Jersey, is offering a clever new promotion this month: for a $50 donation, they’ll “neuter your ex.”

That is, they’ll name a feral cat after your ex, then spay/neuter them, and release them back to their cat colony as part of their TNR (trap-neuter-return) program.


It’s a win-win: the shelter gets a donation to support this important work, and you get the catharsis of getting to metaphorically neuter your ex.

“Because some things shouldn’t breed,” Homeward Bound wrote on their website.

To take part, you can make your $50 donation on their website, and put your ex’s name in the “in honor of” section when it asks who you want to “dedicate this gift” to.

While it is a funny campaign, TNR programs are invaluable in preventing unwanted births and overcrowded stray cat populations.

Natalia de la Rubia / Shutterstock.com

If “neutering” your ex this Valentine’s Day isn’t enough, there are several other quirky promotions that might quench your thirst for revenge. For instance, the San Antonio Zoo, for a $10 donation, will name a cockroach after your ex โ€” and feed it to one of their animals.

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