Neighbor cat retrieves woman’s lost keys from hole in sidewalk

There’s nothing more annoying than losing your keys. We’ve all accidentally dropped our keys somewhere out-of-reach, and had to desperately try to retrieve them lest we end up locked out of our homes and cars.

But as one woman tried to get her keys out of a narrow hole, she got some impressive help from an unlikely friend.

Luh Meira, from Brazil, was hanging out outside with her young son when something unfortunate happened: the little boy was playing with his mom’s keys, and dropped them down into a hole.


“I was sitting with him, we were sunbathing. He was playing, so he took the key and put it in there,” she told local outlet Amo Meu Pet, translated from Portuguese.

Unfortunately, the hole was too small to reach into by hand, leaving the keys just out of reach.


Luh tries to fish the keys out with a stick, to no avail. It seems like there’s no way to get the keys out โ€” but then an unlikely neighbor decided to help.

It was Pantera, a black cat belonging to one of Luh’s neighbors. Seeing his neighbors trying to get something out of the hole, Pantera decided to join in.

“He was already there playing in the grass and then he came and started putting his paw in,” Luh said.


With his slender paws, Pantera is able to reach down into the hole โ€” and to Luh’s amazement, actually grabs the keys!

It takes a few tries, but with Luh cheering him on and encouraging him, Pantera actually gets the keys out of the hole. “It was very quick for him to get the key,” Luh told Amo Meu Pet. “I believe in 20 seconds he got that key.”


The unbelievable moment was caught on camera by Luh, and it went viral on TikTok, currently with over 8 million views.

“And they say black cats are bad luck,” Luh joked in the caption.

โ€œIf I didnโ€™t film it, no one would believe it,โ€ Luh told The Dodo. “I was surprised, because I thought he put his paw in the hole just to play, but his intention was to really get the keys. I was super happy.”

She said she gave Pantera a toy and some treats. Far from being “bad luck,” this black cat quickly became one of her favorite animals.

“He won my love,” she. “I was already in love with cats, but now there’s no question.”


What a smart cat! We all need an animal like Pantera around the house to help us out ๐Ÿ˜‚

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