‘Most responsible kitten in the world’: 6-week-old kitten found caring for three newborns

Animals have such caring instincts towards young ones, stepping up to be a parent for babies that aren’t even their own.

Like one cat who is being called “the most responsible kitten in the world” after keeping a close eye on three newborns.

According to a post from the KC Pet Project, a rescue in Kansas City, Missouri, the six-week-old black cat was found with three newborn kittens — and the person who found them says that the older cat has been caring for the babies.

It isn’t known if the older kitten is a sibling of the newborns or what happened to their mother. But the cat has clearly taken his job as their new guardian very seriously, and the KC Pet Project has dubbed him the “most responsible kitten in the world.”

“We think this is about the cutest thing ever,” they wrote on Facebook.

They were such an adorable family unit that no one could bear to split them up: they were all placed in a foster home together, where they will stay until they are old enough to be adopted.

According to HuffPost, the responsible kitten has been named Binx and the kittens have been dubbed Ollie, Frankie and Ziggy.

KC Pet Project spokesperson Tori Fugate told the outlet that while newborns need milk to survive, either from a mother cat or bottle-fed by humans, the male kitten did his best to care for them, and they are all “doing great so far.” Now in foster care, Binx continues to keep an eye on the little ones.

What a sweet, responsible kitten. We’re so glad these newborns had someone looking after them, and that they’re all safe and together now.

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