Monkey the miracle kitten

Every pet owner I know treats their dogs, cats and horses with love and respect. So I don’t know why there are so many tragic stories about people neglecting animals – but they are out there and they’re real.

Although it boils my blood to read about how cruel people abuse animals, it can be important to show that the problem does really exists. And often there is a happy ending to these kind of stories – believe it or not.

One little cat, named Monkey, has, during her short life, endured more than any animal should. She was so badly beaten that she suffered a nerve injury and couldn’t move her leg. This left little Monkey almost paralyzed.

It’s unclear who it was that hurt Monkey in this terrible way – but the evidence suggests that it was her former owners who are responsible. Monkey was born in a remote community and mere days had passed before the newborn kitten was stolen from her mother, at a time when all she needed was to be close to her.

After being abducted from her mom, the kitten was scared, shaken and distressed. Her new ‘owners’ didn’t bother to feed her and ignored her most basic needs. Torn from the warmth and comfort of her mother, Monkey found herself being ruthlessly treated as a toy in a severely abusive environment. 

”Not even a week old, tiny Monkey spent her days in the firm grasp of the abusers, being thrown around and mistreated in ways we don’t ever want to see or even know about. She was living in fear, unfed and constantly shaking. Due to such treatment, her young age and fragility as a new born kitten, you would think she was destined to die,” her rescuers explained.

But the most important thing is that someone found Money and acted directly. An animal loving family heard about the kitten’s situation and immediately made it clear that they wanted to adopt her.

Monkey’s new owner had to travel many miles to pick up their new family member, but it also shows how dedicated they were to giving this poor cat a new, loving life in safety.

Once they had welcomed Monkey, her new owners made sure she got the food and medicine she needed. Among other things, an eye infection needed to be treated. Monkey’s new family already had several animals at home, including five dogs that took Monkey under their wings.

The rehab that Monkey had to undergo was much needed, but now she’s in a far better condition. Her love for milk was encouraging and gave hope that she would survive.

With warm baths, hourly feeds, a comfy bed and lots of rest and cuddles, Monkey amazingly began to regain strength.

Her bright eyes, which by this stage were turning from blue to brown, captured everyone who came across her path.

”Monkey is still yet to be fitted for a wheelchair and we are still looking at options for her future…”, her family stated in an update on Monkey’s fundrasing page.

Bless all of you who helped saving this poor and innocent kitty. Hope the so called owner meets the same fate. May sound mean but I have no mercy for those who abuse innocent animals….