Mom thinks cat died in fire – see when she returns home and is shocked by her discovery
Laura Ringenberger

Mom thinks cat died in fire – see when she returns home and is shocked by her discovery

Laura Ringenberger was forced to flee for her life along with her family when their house was burnt down during the Northern California wild fires in October 2017.

But before they ran off, she searched the backyard for the family cat Kitty Kitty Star. Laura looked all over and shouted for her but the cat was nowhere to be found.

“I called for her for about 20 minutes but couldn’t find her,” Laura told Love Meow. “I worried that we would never see her again.”

She had no choice but to rush out of the house without Kitty Kitty Star.

It was a life threatening situation for the whole family and they had to flee for their lives — they did the right thing.

But mom Laura was still heartbroken to have left her beloved Kitty Kitty Star behind and she expected the worst — that she would never be able to hug her cat ever again.

Laura Ringenberger

It was unclear whether Kitty Kitty Star had left the house before the fire or had been stuck in the house and burnt to death.The whole house was destroyed in the fire and the only thing left from it were the remains of a chimney.

Laura desperately wanted to figure out what had happened to her cat. Once she had put herself and her family in safety, she returned to the house along with a reporter from ABC TV who was reporting on the horrific wildfires in California.

They took the car to Laura’s house and as soon as they arrived, Laura immediately began shouting for her beloved cat. She walked out to the yard and shouted: “Here we are, kitty, kitty!”.

After a while, they saw something moving and Laura asked the reporter to stay back for a second. It was the cat!


Miraculously, she had survived the fire and had remained in her old home.

“She came out about 20 minutes after we got there,” Laura told Love Meow. “I called for her for a while. Eventually I heard her off in the distance, crying. It was really surreal.”

Laura was of course overwhelmed, she immediately picked up the little cat and kissed her.

Foto: Laura Ringenberger

Here you can watch the heartwarming moment which was caught on film.

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This is proof that hope is the last thing to abandon us!

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