Miracle: Cat rescued from rubble 7 days after surviving house explosion

Miracle: Cat rescued from rubble 7 days after surviving house explosion

After a devastating house explosion, everyone thought that Teddy the cat had died — but a week later they got a miracle.

On March 13, a gas fire caused a house explosion in Swansea, Wales, causing the house to collapse and causing damage to neighboring homes, according to Wales Online.

Tragically, the explosion also claimed the life of 68-year-old Brian Davies. “Our thoughts remain with Brian’s family and friends, at what is a very difficult time for them, and those who have been injured following the explosion,” said Detective inspector Carl Price.

Thankfully, others managed to miraculously survive: Claire Bennett and her son Ethan were rescued from the wreckage, along with their puppy and cat Fern.

But another one of their pets, a ragdoll cat named Teddy, was unaccounted for and the family feared he may have perished in the explosion.

However, according to the Llys Nini RSPCA, the cat was later spotted and they began a mission to locate Teddy, teaming up with Swansea Cats Protection and the South Wales Police.

The rescue proved to be difficult, due to the dangerous conditions of the surrounding homes and restricted access. But on Sunday, they were finally able to locate and trap Teddy, who was reportedly dusty and “a little cross” but otherwise unharmed, the RSPCA said.

Claire, who suffered injuries in the explosion, had just been released from the hospital and returned home to the good news that her cat was alive and well.

The RSPCA said there were “tears all around” as the family were reunited with their cat. “This story has been followed by thousands of well wishing Teddy fans and everyone is so glad of the outcome,” they wrote on Facebook.

The rescue also said they were “providing a safe haven” to other pets displaced by the fatal explosion.

The house explosion was a tragedy, but we’re glad the unexpected survival of Teddy could bring some hope and light to those affected.

What a miracle, we’re so glad Teddy survived and was reunited with his family. A silver lining after this disastrous explosion.

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