Meet Cornelius, the black cat who’s become an internet star thanks to his unusual white eyebrows

His unique white eyebrows give Cornelius the black Bombay cat quite the gentlemanly appearance, especially when his owner dresses him in a bow tie.

Cornelius Cornbread from Tennessee has thousands of followers on Instagram who have nicknamed him the ‘southern gentleman.’

The 4-year-old feline from Nashville has had the distinctive white markings since birth due to a lack of fur growing between his eyes and ears, according to his owner Karen Millette.

Karen first started posting pictures of her gorgeous moggy in 2018 and as well as thousands of followers he has also attracted thousands of compliments.

“Such a dapper fella,” one person wrote while another said: “He looks like a true gentlecat.” wrote someone else.

“Humans would pay for brows like yours,” added another person.

His look makes him appear a little standoffish but he’s anything but, according to his owner, who said he’s a needy cat concerned for the welfare of his family, both humans and animals.

“Cornelius has a big personality and loves to be the center of the attention, but he’s also a sweet, affectionate cat.

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“He loves following us around, curling up on our laps or snuggling up next to us, and unlike many cats, he enjoys being held and carried,” Karen said, as per BoredPanda.

“He also picks up on emotions. If we are worried—he gets worried. If one of the other cats hacks up a fur ball, he will go check on them and sit with them,” she added.

“He can be very needy, he does not like to be left alone or ignored, and gets very anxious when he thinks I’m going to leave home without him,” Karen says of her Bombay cat, which are generally nicknamed “velcro cats.”

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Karen says they got Cornelius after losing their first cat Inky who left them devastated after passing away in his sleep.

Her husband found a litter of Bombay kittens and two of them looked like Inky. The family had its heart set on Beans but when they showed up Beans hid and Cornbread walked straight up to them and started showing off.

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“He is very sassy and most definitely rules our house, but mostly, he’s just a clingy snuggler that sleeps curled up on me or next to me,” added Karen.

Karen said Cornelius provided so much comfort when she was recovering from surgery and now has three younger cat sisters to keep him company so he doesn’t get stressed when his humans leave the house.

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This cat is beautiful on the inside and out and I understand why this handsome fellow has such a big following.

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