Meet Alos, the cat with blue and green eyes who captures all hearts on internet

Our pets come in all shapes and sizes and we love them for it. Their characters are a constant source of fascination as they slowly start to reveal more of their personality, the more comfortable they get.

But one cat has captured the hearts of thousands of people with his unusual looks, which is a good thing as he clearly loves the camera.

Aloş, the Turkish Van cat has the most stunning eyes. His owner Burcu Kaynack from Bursa, Turkey, has had the beautiful cat since he was a kitten and loves to share images of his beauty.

The unique kitty was born with heterochromia, a condition caused by a melanin deficiency. All cats are born with blue eyes, and the melanin changes the color as they age. But for Aloş, that only happened in one eye.

Set against his beautiful white coat makes for quite a stunning sight.

Also, whose eyes are slightly cross-eyed, is now 5 years old and his adoring owner has charted his life so far for us on an Instagram page which has over 33,000 followers.

His owner cleared up the myth that cats with this condition are also deaf in one ear.

“He is cross-eyed, but he’s not deaf,” Burcu said, according to Love Meow.

Look at how content she is in the clip below.

This cat is simply purrr-fect. Please share so others can enjoy his beauty.