Marathon runner stops to rescue scared stray kitten on side of course

It’s always inspiring to see people go out of their way to help animals in need. But one woman truly went above and beyond, stopping in the middle of a marathon to help a stray kitten.

Sarah Bohan was running in the Chicago Marathon on Sunday. She was doing well, even on pace to break her personal record, according to a Facebook post.

But on mile 21, she heard something that made her stop in her tracks: the sound of a scared stray kitten, under a bridge just off the marathon route.

The little kitten was skinny and matted, and Sarah decided to stop to help. Fittingly, she was running on behalf of PAWS Chicago, so she knew that rescuing a kitten was more important than her marathon time.

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With the help of a fellow runner named Gia Nigro, she carried the stray kitten for the next mile. And then, something remarkable happened: a spectator stepped up and said she was interested in adopting the kitten!

In an update, PAWS Chicago confirmed that they found the adopter and the kitten was now settling in to his new home and “doing great.”

Wow, thank you to Sarah for stopping her race to rescue this beautiful kitten, leading to him finding a great new home!

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