Man finds a scared kitten under his truck and decides to give her a home

Sometimes animals come into our life in the most unexpected ways… and in the most unexpected places.

That was the case for one couple, who discovered a scared stray kitten, and couldn’t resist taking her in.

A Reddit user known as JustAnotherGoodGuy shared her story. She says that her husband found a surprise under his truck: a frightened little kitten, hiding by one of the wheels.

The kitten, only 4-5 weeks old, looked terrified—you can see tears in her eyes. She was all alone, and in harm’s way.

The man knew the only thing to do was take the kitten in himself.

He took a photo and sent it to his wife, asking if he could bring her home. She couldn’t resist either.

“Who could say no to that face?” JustAnotherGoodGuy wrote.

The couple took the kitten to the vet, where she got taken care of and given her shots. The kitten’s mother was a stray who lived in the office park, and apparently abandoned the kitten. None of her siblings were around.

In honor of where they first found her, the couple punningly named the cat “Axel.” Axel quickly recovered after arriving at her new forever home.

“She was [scared], but now she’s sitting on the sofa with a full belly,” JustAnotherGoodGuy wrote.

They had a dog and a cat already, but she says they have all been getting along.

“She’s a great addition to the house!”

Thank you to this couple for taking in this poor cat! We’re so glad everything worked out and this abandoned kitten now has a great forever home!

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