Man braves floodwaters to save drowning stray kitten

It’s always inspiring to see people go out of their way to save animals’ lives. Like one man, who recently braved floodwaters to save a cat from drowning — and even helped it find a new home.

Skip Campbell, from Cottage Park, Sacramento, California, was at home when his wife noticed a creature in need of help in their own backyard.

“My wife had heard a faint noise,” Skip told KTXL. “Looked over and saw a little head bobbing up.” 

The little head belonged to a kitten, who had become caught in floodwaters and was struggling to stay afloat.

Seeing the distressed cat in need of help, Skip did something inspiring: he waded in to the waist-high floodwaters to save it.


While the current was strong, Skip carefully made his way through the water. He reached the kitten, who was grateful for his help.

“I think I just lucked out on my guess on where it’d be by the time I got out to it,” Skip told ABC 10.

“[The kitten] was really tired. It didn’t struggle at all. It was just kind of ready to be rescued, I suppose.”


Skip and his wife took the kitten inside and got it dried off. While the cat was a bit scared and shaken by the ordeal, it was otherwise unharmed.

The couple told CBS Sacramento that they suspect the cat is part of a feral litter and got swept up in the flood.

Despite that the cat had a very calm demeanor and warmed up quickly to the couple: “Really pretty cat. And it doesn’t seem real feral,” Skip told KTXL. “Seems real calm. It got beautiful green eyes.”


They even considered adopting the cat themselves, as they’ve rescued cats in the past. But since they’re already busy with their own cat, they decided the rescue would be better off with someone else.

Luckily, their neighbors expressed interest, and Skip told ABC 10 that they now have an adopter lined up, giving this poor cat a very happy ending.

He says they’ve also picked out some very suitable names for the kitten, including  “Floaty,” “Cyclone,” “Titan” and “Bob.”

Thank you to Skip for going out and saving this beautiful kitten! We’re so glad she’s safe!

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