Kitten living in remote area gets stuck in iron pipe thankfully, this passerby is prepared for daring rescue

A kitten got itself into a situation I’ve never witnessed before and it was by sheer luck that a passerby found the tiny furball and helped it out.

The passerby was alerted to the trapped kitten after hearing screams coming from an abandoned house.

As he got nearer he saw the kitten had got himself stuck in an iron pipe.

It was a mystery as to how this sweet thing had got himself stuck but with one paw trapped and the weight of the pipe, he couldn’t even stand up properly.


The piteous sight brought the passerby to a standstill and with camera in one hand he worked to free the trapped kitty.

It took minutes to free the kitten but watching this poor thing struggle and cry out while he’s freed seems like hours.

The man kept pushing the trapped limb through until finally it was out and at least the kitten could stand up.

As the kitten trembled with exhaustion the man kept gently nudging the pipe off his body stopping to pet the frightened furball while allowing it to rest.


After a few attempts, he successfully removed the metal from the kitten. He then walked away hoping the kitten would run straight to the cat nearby who the man presumed was his mom.

However, instead of running back to the mother, the kitten followed the man who saved him. Watching this tiny kitten race after his rescuer is so adorable but he knows it’s for the best to leave him there with his mom.


After stopping to give him all the love he took one last look at the adorable kitten and walked away.

More than 9 million people have already watched the rescue video, see why by clicking on the clip below.

Hopefully that was enough thanks on the kitten’s part and he was able to reunite with his mom after that adorable moment.

This kitten was so lucky that a passerby heard his cries.

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