Homeless cat opens its eyes after months, stuns everyone with their absolute beauty

Cats are such graceful independent creatures, they very rarely express any needy traits.

But occasionally you encounter cats who really need our help.

Cat lover Carmen Morales discovered Cotton as a stray on the streets of Florida, USA. She was blind and desperately hungry, according to The Dodo .

On a closer inspection of this sorry-looking cat, Carmen made a gruesome discovery.


Carmen Morales Weinberg

Cotton was in so much pain after getting mange which had spread throughout his entire body — including his eyes.

“He couldn’t even see or open his eyes because the mites were so bad,” Carmen, founder of Animal Friends Project, told The Dodo.

Carmen Morales Weinberg

“It must have been so scary for him out there not being able to see. He was all alone and so skinny because he couldn’t find food.”

Carmen had fostered lots of sick cats over the years so set up a special quarantine area in her bathroom to treat poor Cotton.

Cotton was given regular meals and antibiotics. For the first two days he was still very uncomfortable but after that he started to get some relief from the medication.

Carmen Morales Weinberg

As he started to get better, he was able to open his eyes, a shock that Carmen could never have prepared herself for.

When she’d fully recovered and was able to open her eyes, they were stunning; she had one blue eye and one green eye!

Carmen Morales Weinberg

Carmen had been nursing Cotton back to health with the idea that he would be adopted into a forever home, and she’d had plenty of offers.

But when the time came she thought it best this beauty stayed with her and her family.

Carmen Morales Weinberg

Cotton had become so attached to Carmen, following her everywhere and sleeping in her bed, that Carmen didn’t want him to have to get used to another change, so let him stay.

Cotton had this amazing new found energy and a very sweet personality.

Carmen Morales Weinberg

“If I go into another room, he waits outside the door talking,” Carmen said. “He sleeps with me, he stays by my side all of the time … Him and I have a wonderful relationship. He’s a good communicator and loves meowing at me.”

Carmen Morales Weinberg

What wonderful people there are in the world to nurse an animal like Cotton back to life. I’m sure many passed him on the street but couldn’t bring themselves to help because of his condition.

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