Girls make a newspaper for their cat so he has something to read on the litter box

We all use the bathroom, and everyone knows that sometimes you need a little reading material to pass the time. These days everyone brings their phones, but back in the day you had to bring in a newspaper or magazine (or end up reading the ingredients on the back of a shampoo bottle.)

But animals go, too, so why should they be bored while doing their business?

Two girls decided that their cat could use a distraction while using the litter box, and decided to keep the kitty informed on the day’s events by making him his own newspaper.

The funny viral photos first spread in November 2017. According to The Dodo, two girls, then 10 and 12 years old, noticed how their cat Baba Ganoush would stare at the blank wall while using the litter box.

Since everyone knows how boring that can be, they decided to give him something to look at while doing his business. With some paper and markers, the girls got to work publishing their own cat-themed newspaper:

Our daughters write a newspaper for Baba the cat to read while indisposed
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And it sure looks like Baba is enjoying the articles.

“They have made a couple issues so far and it started when we moved recently,” Jarrod Krieger, the girls’ father, told The Dodo. “They are all the girls’ ideas.”

The paper has all the sections that you’d find in your average human paper, except tailored to cats and full of cat puns. There’s a section on politics (“Pawlitics”) weather (“Hurricane Purma” has apparently struck) entertainment (“Miss Fluffy won the pagent!”) sports “Cat Fight!!”) and even ads (a new candy bar called “Purshy’s” is coming soon!)


Print media might be dying, but it’s still going strong above the litter box.

It’s a cute story that shows how kids are always looking out for their pets, even during their private time.

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