Food obsessed cat sneaks into her owner’s cookies and takes a single bite out of every one

We all know that our pets love food, but sometimes they have some very unusual eating habits.

That’s what one woman found out, after she not only found her cat had gotten into her cookies but ate them in the strangest way possible—one of those odd pet quirks you just have to laugh at.

Allison Riebel is the owner of a cat named Nellie, who loves nothing more than food

“She lives to eat instead of eating to live,” Allison told The Dodo. “She loves her cat food and she loves her cat treats.”

The good news is that she can use treats to train the Nellie into a very well-behaved cat.

The bad news is that Nellie doesn’t just go crazy for cat treats—she loves human treats just as much.

So when Allison baked some homemade cookies for her fellow veterinary volunteers at Wildlife Medical Clinic, the cat couldn’t resist the temptation and broke into the container to snack on the baked goods.

But when Allison discovered the scene of the crime, she realized her cat had chowed into not just one or two cookies, but every one of them

…by just taking a bite out of each one!

Guys my cat took a little chomp out of every single one of my cookies. Shame her.Picture of the culprit for tax. Shes not even sorry.

Posted by Allison Riebel on Sunday, March 8, 2020

Nellie had inexplicably taken out every cookie and taken a single tiny bite out of all of them.

“They were spread out across our dining room floor with little bites out of each,” Allison recalled. She posted the photos to the Catspotting Facebook group, where people had a laugh about the unusual behavior.

It was so ridiculous that she couldn’t even stay mad, as the cat played coy about what she had done.

“She did not seem guilty,” Allison told The Dodo said. “She plays it off very well.”

“It’s both infuriating and hilarious. She’s very proud of herself.” 

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