Family rescues tiny kitten tangled in net during tour at football stadium

Family rescues tiny kitten tangled in net during tour at football stadium

When Miranda Comins booked her family a tour of GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, they never in their wildest dreams expected their experience to include rescuing a kitten.

But as the family neared the end of their tour, they noticed two small kittens on the field. One ran away, but the other stayed behind.

She was stuck in a net and was in desperate need of help.


Miranda Comins and her family were near the end of the tour when they spotted something curious on the field.

“We went up to the penthouse suites, we were kind of looking over the whole stadium, as a whole it was very cool, and all of the sudden my dad noticed two little kittens playing down on the field.”

The group watched the kittens for a moment. One of them ran off, but the other became tangled in a net.

Everyone raced down to the field to help.


The family frantically worked together to try and free the kitten.

“Her head was caught in the net, it was wrapped around like three times,” Dustin Weeks, Comins brother, said.

“Our hearts sunk, we thought for sure we were too late, weren’t going to be able to get the cat out of the net,” Comins said.

Time was ticking, and it looked like the little kitten didn’t have much fight left in her.

Finally, Weeks, a former Army medic, performed CPR on her tiny body.

“Apparently, human CPR works on a cat, so I gave her a couple good chest pumps, and then life came back into her,” he said.

The kitten, who Weeks decided to name after former Kansas City Chiefs Alex Smith, now has a new home with Weeks.

“Not the souvenir we expected, but I’ll take it,” he said.

How sweet! Thank you to this extremely observant family for spotting this kitten in peril and rescuing her.

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