Dog helps save cat who was abandoned by owner in a plastic bag

“The cat’s out of the bag,” so the saying goes. But was literally true recently, after one poor kitty was abandoned in a plastic bag by her owner, left to suffer — until a smart dog came to her rescue.

The story was reported by Fearless Kitty Rescue, in Fountain Hills, Arizona. Last weekend, they got an unexpected new arrival: a black cat, who was left alone on their donation bench… inside a zipped-up cooler wrapped in a garbage bag.

Facebook/Fearless Kitty Rescue

While sometimes people have to surrender their cats to rescues like Fearless Kitty, the way this person left their cat behind was cruel. The cat was left overnight and was believed to be sitting there for hours with no one noticing, on a very hot day.

Things could’ve turned bad, but luckily someone did notice her in time: a dog named Koda.

Koda, a husky, was out for a walk with her owner in the early morning when she sensed something was wrong. She was able to sniff out the cat, and her owner opened up the cooler, allowing the cat to get to safety.

Facebook/Fearless Kitty Rescue

“Who knows how long she had been abandoned and how much longer she could have survived if not found by Koda,” Fearless Kitty Rescue wrote on Facebook.

The rescue took the cat to El Dorado Animal Hospital, and while she had some pre-existing medical conditions, she is doing fine after the incident. They named her “Juliane,” which in Danish culture means “Fearless.”

“Despite her circumstances, Juliane is a sweetheart, and loves to purr and receive pets,” FKR wrote.

“We think she is the true definition of fearless,” rescue spokesperson Teryn Jones told

Facebook/Fearless Kitty Rescue

The rescue writes that Juliane is now decompressing in their medical area, and she will be put up for adoption in the next few weeks. They also said they are working with law enforcement about the incident.

And more than anything they were grateful for the help they received from Koda in saving the cat’s life, saying it represented the proverb “it takes a village.”

“We can’t thank Koda, her mom, and all of Juliane’s heroes enough for coming to her rescue,” FKR wrote on Facebook. “The lives of animals are so precious, and we all can band together to save them.”

It also disproves the old misconception that cats and dogs are enemies.

“Cat was saved by a dog,” Teryn Jones said. “You don’t hear that every day.”

Thank you to Koda for finding this poor abandoned cat, and thank you to Fearless Kitty Rescue for helping her! We hope Juliane finds a perfect home soon!

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