Couple’s wedding ceremony is interrupted by meowing stray cat — what they did next led to a very happy ending

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and the last thing you want is a “wedding crasher” unexpectedly intruding on your big day.

But when one precious stray cat interrupted a wedding ceremony, the bride and groom had an inspiring reaction that led to a happy ending for all.

According to a TikTok posted by the account @gatsby.and.daisy, a couple was getting married at an outdoor ceremony, but as the groom was reading his vows, he was upstaged by an unexpected wedding crasher.


The bride and groom didn’t notice at first, but the wedding party kept cracking up at the sound of the purring. “The two of us had no clue,” the bride wrote on TikTok. “All we noticed was everyone laughing during our vows so I was kind of annoyed.”

But when a bridesmaid pointed out the feline attendee, the couple had to stop the wedding to acknowledge it. Far from being annoyed by the interruption, the couple — both devoted cat lovers — were amazed and took it as a good omen.

“We are huge cat people,” the bride writes. “Our names together are Catt. We even had cat cake toppers. So this was kind of crazy.”


Replying to @Mars<3 The cat cake toppers really set the mood for the whole event. Plus their new resting place on our bookshelf next to one my favorite pictures of my husband from the first year we got Gatsby ❤️

♬ I Get to Love You – Acoustic – Mysha Didi

The cat also got a big laugh and cheer from the wedding attendees. The cat, perched on a nearby tree stump, thankfully quieted down long enough for them to finish their “I dos.” But that wasn’t the end of the story.

Later, the venue told the couple that they had caught the stray cat — and they knew they were destined to give her a home.


The newlyweds adopted the cat, and named her Daisy. Video shows her loving her new home and lapping up attention from her new family.

“We knew we had to have her,” the bride wrote. “She has been the perfect addition.”

Their heartwarming story has now gone viral, with the video garnering nearly 15 million views and over 2.7 million likes on TikTok.

“She was a wedding gift from the cat distribution system,” one person commented.

That’s the best wedding gift anyone could ask for! 😻 Thank you to this couple for adopting Daisy on their big day — it was truly meant to be!

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